Webinar: How to fuel your data- and marketing strategy with a CDP

At this webinar you will get insights in how to begin the process with a CDP and how you can create value with it in the form of audience - and communication strategy, and much more. - Material can soon be downloaded!

*Please be aware that the webinar will be held i English*

what is a customer data platform?

A CDP can consolidate data into different touchpoints through customer journeys, in different channels.
It makes sure that you hit your audience at the right time. In addition, it also finds the most relevant channel as well as message that is most relevant to receive.
The audiences that you create are based on data gathered across different channels. This means that you can always communicate the most relevant messages to your customers in the form of content and products.


Agenda for the webinar:

  • Raptor & IMPACT Extend – short intro
  • Marketing automation vs CDP
  • Getting started with CDP
  • Creating value with CDP
  • The process from here and startup support
  • Q&A session


Karsten Plum Juul | IMPACT Extend
Karsten Plum Juul, Head of Dialogue & Loyalty, IMPACT Extend

Karsten has over 10 years experience with Loyalty programs and Marketing Automation. Karsten works with customers such as Hummel, Nemlig.com, Kaufmann, Imerco and Epos.
Karsten is a specialist in Mar-tech.


Torben Vejen has over 15 years experience with strategic consulting within Marketing Automation and data commercialization. Among other things, Torben works with customers such as Søstrene Grene, Spar Nord and Købstædernes Forsikring.

Jeppe Godske Olsen, Gloabal Partner Director, Raptor Services

Jeppe has experience from both the customer and supplier side where his overall focus is to translate customer insights into business value. Jeppe is involved with customers such as Bauhaus, Sport24 and Neye.

Do you have any questions?

Contact Camilla, she is always ready to help you.