Webinar: Customer data – Perspectives on Customer Data Platforms and Their Surrounding landscape

Date: 26th of March 2021
Time: 10:00-11:00 AM.

*Please be aware that the webinar will be held in Danish*


The most online shoppers follow a similar path — zig-zagging between a brand’s e-commerce site, blog, platform product listings, and physical retail store. How can brands keep up with all these customer touchpoints?
The answer is, the Customer Data Platform, or CDP. In a world of a million customer touchpoints and interactions, CDPs deliver a unique, unified view into your customers’ minds and needs. Not familiar with CDPs? This is why we have arranged this webinar.

A CDP can consolidate data into different touchpoints through customer journeys, in different channels. It is a software that aggregates and organizes customer data across a variety of touchpoints and is used by other software, systems, and marketing efforts. CDPs collect and structure real-time data into individual, centralized customer profiles.

It makes sure that you hit your audience at the right time. In addition, it also finds the most relevant channel as well as message that is most relevant to receive.
But a Customer Data platform can seldom stand on its own. Planning the relationship with surrounding tech landscape is just as important as getting the implementation right.

In this webinar, you will learn about the key question that needs to be answered to succeed with a CDP in a complex Martech landscape.


  • Raptor & IMPACT Extend – short intro
  • CDP overview
  • Surrounding landscape and key Questions
  • CDP and Marketing Data in unison
  • Example implementation by Raptor
  • Q&A session


Karsten Plum Juul | IMPACT Extend
Karsten Juul, Director of Technology

I strive to build a culture with curiosity around customer insights at its core. I work with technology but have a keen focus on the Business value that the technology needs to enable and create. I help customers understand the end-customer needs and translating them to business requirements for Martech setup.


Jeppe has experience from both the customer and supplier side where his overall focus is to translate customer insights into business value. Jeppe is involved with customers such as Bauhaus, Sport24 and Neye.

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