Webinar material: How do you develop a digital lead engine, that accounts for 30% of your revenue?

The webinar is held, did you miss it? At this webinar you will get learnings from a global success case. The COVID-19 situation is a reality, so let´s get the best out of it - accelerate your sales for 2020 now.

*Please notice that the webinar is already held*

boost your B2B leadgen

COVID has accelerated the shift towards digital sales – Digital Commerce Excellence is more important than ever. B2B sales leaders is craving for warm leads to their salesforce. Especially with travel restrictions and the need for more video meeting and remote selling.

In this webinar we look into to the IMPACT B2B Sales Engine ™ model and to walk through of global success case Logpoint. After fundings of 10 mio USD Logpoint wanted to become among leaders in a global niche market of security software.

The case covers the full process of identifying sales potential, define your organization, execute and measure for ongoing ROI improvements and increase in investments. By connecting data from the full journey CMO’s gain full transparency and can throttle the inflow of demand according to the sales targets and actual capacity in the SalesForce.

You will get to know:

  • Situation overview – COVID crisis decline on B2B sales
  • How identify your sales potential and tactics to attract B2B Buyes
  • How to connect marketing cost data live with CRM data and track full lead time/ROI
  • How to personalize and nurture leads a cross channels w. Salesforce Pardot
  • How to organize a joint marketing and sales taskforce with agile learnings loops

IMPACT B2B Sales Engine ™ is a proven methodology for establishing excellence and maximize B2B leadgen. Tactics, tech architecture, organization and measurement is all covered.

The case showcase best in class use for SalesForce Pardot.


Thomas Obelitz Høgsbo-Rode, Senior Partner & CO-CEO hos IMPACT Extend
Thomas Høgbro-Rode, co-CEO & Senior Partner, IMPACT Extend

Thomas is recognized at one of Scandinavies front-runners within use of marketing technologies and big data to drive sales. He has 15 years experience with datadriven marketing and have helped big international customers with prizewinning digital solutions.

Ole Buch Rix

Ole is E-Business Consultant in IMPACT A/S and is a seasoned B2B marketing expert with deep understanding in international marketing- and e-commerce strategies, brand building and digital channels within B2B and B2C.